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Mother and Daughter

Senior Care, Respite
and Advanced Care Needs

The care you need in the place you want. Discover the difference Our Loving Legacy will make in the life of your loved one.

Welcome to Senior Care Our Loving Legacy

Our amazing team of care professionals provide in-home care, companionship, along with activities of daily living support. Promoting independence and encouraging respite care for family members.

Our Story

Our story began with a passion for helping others in times of crisis. Our Owner, has spent many years in emergency public safety, serving the community with courage and compassion. After witnessing first hand the challenges and needs of seniors who require assistance of a professional caregiver. Our Owner, decided to create a service that would provide them with the best possible support and comfort. That's how Our Loving Legacy was born.

Elderly Couple Contract
What Services We offer
Young Hands Holding Old Hands
Personal care/ Grooming

Personal care and grooming are essential aspects of in-home senior care. They can help seniors maintain their dignity, self-esteem, and health. Here is a short paragraph about personal care and grooming in regards to in-home senior care:
In-home senior care can provide personal care and grooming services for seniors who want to stay in their homes as long as possible. However, not all seniors may need or want these services, depending on their preferences, abilities, and medical conditions. Some seniors may prefer other options, such as adult day care, adult foster care, or assisted living facilities. These options may offer more specialized care and support for seniors who have complex health needs or social isolation.


Safety and exercise are important aspects of in-home senior care. They can help prevent falls, injuries, and other health problems that may affect seniors’ quality of life. Here is a short paragraph about safety and exercise in regards to in-home senior care:

In-home senior care can provide seniors with a safe and comfortable environment to live independently. However, safety and exercise are not taken for granted by many seniors, who may neglect to remove hazards, install assistive devices, or engage in physical activities that can improve their balance, strength, and flexibility.

A Walk in Park
Going or a Walk

Standby means that the senior can perform some activities of daily living (ADLs) on their own, but may need a little extra help with others, such as maintaining their balance or remembering the order of things. Assist means that the senior cannot perform any ADLs independently, and needs constant supervision and assistance from a caregiver.

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Holding Hands

A heartfelt thank you to Our Loving Legacy staff, office team, and caregivers. Your unwavering support and exceptional care throughout the entire process, especially in looking after my father, are deeply appreciated. Thank you, once again, Our Loving Legacy.

- Susana L.
Our Services

Personal Grooming Like Bathing or Getting Dressed

Keeping Them Safe and Comfortable

Helping a Person with Dementia by Grounding and Orienting Them

Moving Around. Getting in and out of the Bed or Shower

Errands Like Grocery Shopping and Picking up Prescriptions

Take Care of Medication Reminders

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